API Integration Examples

Live examples of integrating different APIs using WPGetAPI

Finance data displayed in table

Connecting to the MS Finance API to get a list of stocks that have had recent price increases. We have integrated the API data with wpDataTables to create this table.

This is done with the PRO Plugin and simply requires the click of a button and the API data is instantly connected to a dynamic HTML table.

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Bitcoin Price Connecting to the Binance API. Cached for 30 seconds with PRO Plugin.



Live Bitcoin Price from Binance API

We are connecting to the Binance API to get the latest Bitcoin price and have formatted it in a box using some very simplg HTML and CSS.

Using CSS, this could literally be styled anyway you decide.

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Displaying Quotes from Quotable API

Here we are connecting to the Quotable API to return a random quote and again we are simply formatting it using some HTML and CSS.

Qith some CSS magic, it can look however you decide.

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Random Quote Connecting to the Quotable API. Cached for 30 seconds with PRO Plugin.

Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.
~ Abraham Lincoln

Display API Data as Chart

We are again connecting to the Binance API to get the high and low prices of Bitcoin over the last 2 days and then displaying this using the wpDataTables plugin.

Our PRO plugin can connect to a wpDataTable with the click of a button. The table can then easily be made into any type of chart you can imagine.

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Send dynamic data to an API

Use the dropdown on the form to choose a cryptocurrency and this will be sent to the Binance API to retrieve the current price of that particular coin.

We're using Tokens to capture the coin you choose on the form and then send this to the API.

The form is built with Gravity Forms and is using AJAX to post the form.

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Current Weather in London
Partly cloudy 21c Feels like 21c
Wind: 24.1kph (WSW) Gusts: 19.9kph Rain: 0mm Humidity: 60% UV: 6% Pressure: 1015 mb Updated: 2023-09-26 13:15

Display Current Weather from API

Using WeatherAPI from RapidAPI, we are getting the current weather for London, UK. This API supplies all the data we need including the icons for sunny, cloudy etc. and we have simply styled it using HTML and CSS.

We are using the template tag method to get this data and display it.

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Do more with the PRO Plugin

The PRO Plugin has been used in some of these examples to cache API calls and various other functions. The PRO Plugin has many other features to take your API integration to the next level.

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