Live API Demos

Live examples of calling different APIs using WPGetAPI

Bitcoin Price Connecting to the Binance API. Cached for 30 seconds with PRO Plugin.



Live Bitcoin Price

We are connecting to the Binance API to get the latest Bitcoin price and have formatted it in a box using some HTML and CSS.

This could be styled anyway you decide.

Display Random Quotes

Here we are connecting to the Quotable API to return a random quote and again we are simply formatting it using some HTML and CSS.

Read more about how to easily format API data as HTML.

Random Quote Connecting to the Quotable API. Cached for 30 seconds with PRO Plugin.

Meetings are indispensable when you don't want to do anything.
~ John Kenneth Galbraith

Bitcoin High/Low Price

For this example, we are connecting again to the Binance API to get the high and low prices of Bitcoin over the last 2 days, and then displaying this using the wpDataTables plugin.

See our tutorial on using the wpDataTables plugin with WPGetAPI.

Send data to an API

Add any cryptocurrency symbol to the form and the symbol will be sent to the Binance API to retrieve the current price of that particular coin.

We are using the token method (as shown above) to easily capture whatever you type into the form.

The form is built with Gravity Forms and uses the AJAX method to post the form.

Do more with the PRO Plugin

In these examples we have used the PRO Plugin to cache each call to the APIs. The PRO Plugin has many other features to take your API integration to the next level.

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