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Connect to External API's Using WordPress

WPGetAPI is the easiest way to connect a WordPress website to an external API. It is a free, powerful, easy to use WordPress plugin that connects to virtually any REST API and retrieves the data without writing a single line of code.

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Connect WordPress with external API

Makes 3rd party API connections easy

code_off Connect API's without code

Connect to your API by simply adding the base URL, the endpoint and any additional items such as headers or query string parameters.

sync Unlimited API's & endpoints

You can connect to an unlimited number of API's and within each API you can connect to unlimited endpoints, with individual settings per endpoint.

done Display data with shortcode

Easily display your API data using the shortcode within pages or posts. This works best with simple data (template tag should be used with complex data).

done_all Display data with template tag

Display your data using a template tag within your theme files. You can capture the data in a variable and then use this data in charts, tables, listings and more.

done Use GET & POST requests

You can easily use GET requests to get some data or POST requests to send some data. These are selectable on a per-endpoint basis.

done_all Set custom parameters

Add query string parameters, set headers and send POST fields in the body. All of these can be easily set within the admin area, no coding required.

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