Connect WordPress with external API

Connect WordPress to APIs, without a developer

The easiest way to connect your WordPress website to an external REST API. WPGetAPI is free, powerful and easy to use, allowing you to connect to virtually any REST API and retrieve data without writing a line of code.

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APIs can be tricky to work with

We're here to solve that problem.
No coding, no expensive developers, just a smart and easy to use interface.

Connect WordPress to external APIs

Automate content on your website

Fetch any type of API data to display on your website. Data will be refreshed automatically, allowing you to display constantly updated, fresh content on your website.

Get the jump on your competition by providing your users with the latest info, without lifting a finger.

Once your APIs are setup in the admin area, you can display them easily with the shortcode or template tag anywhere on your site.

Check out the live API examples.

Display simple or complex API data

API data can be formatted into plain text, HTML, charts, tables, image galleries or just about any other way you can imagine.

Easily display API data using the shortcode within pages or posts, use the template tag for greater flexibility on complex data or use the PRO plugin with inbuilt HTML formatting.

See live examples of how we have formatted different APIs here.

Format API data
Send WordPress form data to your API

Send your own data to any API

Query string parameters, headers and POST fields in the body can be easily set within the admin area, no coding required. This allows you to send your data to your API.

Dynamic data can also be sent to your API using the PRO plugin, allowing you to send data from WordPress forms direct to your API.

See how to send WPForms data or send Gravity Forms data to your API.

data_array Display data with shortcode

Easily display your API data using the shortcode within pages or posts. This works best with simple data, the PRO plugin adds many extra features to the shortcode.

code Display data with template tag

Display your data using a template tag within your theme files. You can capture the data in a variable and then use this data in charts, tables, listings and more.

sync_alt GET, POST, PUT & DELETE

Use GET requests to fetch data from your API. Use PUT or POST requests to send or update data to your API. These are selectable on a per-endpoint basis.

tune Custom parameters & options

Add query string parameters, set the headers and send POST fields in the body. All of these are set within the admin area, no coding required.

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I have been doing the WordPress thing for almost a decade, Brant and team at WPGETAPI raised the bar today. If you are pushing data to API’s this plugin, particularly the PRO version is 100% essential.

@Drew Juen

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This was a breath of fresh air. Very straight forward, very helpful and no hidden fees! I can't say enough good stuff about this plugin and the support provided for the plugin.

@Marketing & Creative

star star star star star

All I Can Say I Wow. Support Is Simply Amazing. If you are looking for a plugin to handle Woo to external API, Import and OAuth 2.0 please do not look any further.


star star star star star

The plugin is well-supported by the developer who took the time to answer my questions promptly and on the weekend, too! Highly recommended.

@Omar Filip

star star star star star

Do more with the Pro Plugin

The Pro Plugin has many features to take your API integration to the next level.

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