Connect WordPress with external API

Connect to external API's using WordPress

The easiest way to connect your WordPress website to an external API. Free, powerful and easy to use, you can connect to virtually any REST API and retrieve data without writing a line of code.

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WPGetAPI makes working with API's easy

Powerful, free and easy to use.

Connect WordPress to external API's

Connect to unlimited API's without code

Connect your WordPress website to an unlimited number of API's and unlimited endpoints, all without writing a single line of code.

Setup your API's in the WordPress admin area and then add a shortcode to a page or use the template tag within your theme files.

Check out the live examples.

Display simple or complex API data

API data can be formatted into plain text, HTML, charts, tables, image galleries or just about any other way you can imagine.

Easily display API data using the shortcode within pages or posts, use the template tag for greater flexibility on complex data or use the Pro plugin with inbuilt HTML formatting.

See live examples of how we have formatted different API's here.

Format API data
Send WordPress form data to your API

Send your own data to any API

Query string parameters, headers and POST fields in the body can be easily set within the admin area, no coding required. This allows you to send your data to your API.

Dynamic variables can also be sent to your API by using the Pro plugin and a snippet of code, allowing you to easily send WordPress form data to your API.

See how to capture leads & send to Zoho CRM or how to send Gravity Forms data to an API.

data_array Display data with shortcode

Easily display your API data using the shortcode within pages or posts. This works best with simple data (template tag should be used with complex data).

code Display data with template tag

Display your data using a template tag within your theme files. You can capture the data in a variable and then use this data in charts, tables, listings and more.

sync_alt GET & POST requests

You can easily use GET requests to get some data or POST requests to send some data. These are selectable on a per-endpoint basis.

tune Custom parameters

Add query string parameters, set headers and send POST fields in the body. All of these can be easily set within the admin area, no coding required.

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Excellent plugin, Excellent support!

star star star star star
The plugin works beautifully and response to my question from the plugin developer was really quick and courteous. Refreshing to encounter a plugin that works great and is well supported.


Great plugin and great support

star star star star star
If you want to integrate any API into your wordpress site, don't look further, WPGetAPI is amazing, simple to setup and configure. The support is amazing and the price is a no-brainer for the value you get. 10/10


Great plugin and fantastic support

star star star star star
The plugin works as advertised and is well-supported by the developer who took the time to answer my questions promptly and on the weekend, too! Highly recommended.


Excellent Plugin

star star star star star
WPGetAPI plugins are excellent. They make connecting to external API so EASY! I would recommend WPGetAPI's plugins to anybody. The support is top class as well. I could not find a better solution for connecting to external APIs anywhere. I did the research and contacted several developers and plugin developers about their solutions and no one could beat WPGetAPI.

Logan (cultidev)


star star star star star
After paying through the nose to another plugin provider, this was a breath of fresh air. Very straight forward, very helpful and no hidden fees! I can't say enough good stuff about this plugin and the support provided for the plugin. If you need an external API connection in your WP install turn key ready to go - this is it!


Wonderful and Easy Guides with Contactable support

star star star star star
As a newbie to APi integration this area daunted me when I spoke to some subcontractors they were quoting me $750 to $1000 to just pull the code through. This plug in does all that for you and as I only wanted a GET API this was free. A little nudging from the support team and I was up and running. Perfect service for a perfect app.


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